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Your gateway to beachfront Living in MALINDI

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1Br, 2Br & 3Br Penthouse

Total Units

238 Units

Payment Plan

Upto 30 Months


Mambrui, Malindi

Rippling Waves,
Whispering Breeze

Liasi is a remarkable real estate project that redefines luxury beachfront living in Mambrui, Kenya. With its impeccable design, emphasis on community, and idyllic coastal location, it offers an unmatched lifestyle opportunity for those seeking a blend of exclusivity, comfort, and a strong sense of belonging.

Liasi will stand as a marvel of exemplary engineering set amidst stunning coastal scenery in Mambrui, Kenya. The architectural design seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, creating a harmonious blend of modern luxury and breathtaking beauty.



• Shopping Centre
• Conference Facility
• Restaurant
• Built on the Beach
• 1-Br, 2-Br & 3-Br Penthouse Units
• Twin-Massive Swimming Pools
• Panoramic View of the Project
• Well-Manicured Gardens
• Ample Parking Complexes
• Security
• Flexible Payment Plan of upto 30 months



Where to Explore

• Mambrui Sand Dunes
• Vasco da Gama Pillar
• Malindi Golf & Country Club
• Marafa Hells Kitchen
• Gede Ruins Malindi
• Watamu Marine National Park
• Malindi Marine Boat Excursion
• Falconry of Kenya in Malindi
• Mida Creek
• Malindi Museum
• Golden Beach



Get to Liasi

In the vibrant neighborhood of Liasi, a bustling center anchors the community, offering upscale boutiques, chic restaurants, and social spaces. Nearby, top-notch schools nurture young minds, while luxurious villas provide elegant coastal living.

Liasi, off Malindi-Lamu Road, Mambrui- KENYA

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