5 Benefits of Owning a Coastal Home

If you have ever thought of owning a coastal home, then you know the drill. The fantasy of sandy beaches with glorious sunrises blurs all other benefits of a coastal home. This thought can easily make you doubt the worth of such an investment. 

Homeownership is a critical financial decision. Thus, every investor should have enough reasons before forking out money for any property. Below are 5 least known advantages coastal homeowners enjoy:

1. Affordable vacations 

The hustle and bustle of living in the city can easily overwhelm you. Once in a while, you’ll want to escape the traffic, air, and noise pollution of the CBD and get the most needed recharge over short vacations. A beach apartment or villa offers the perfect breather without breaking the bank. 

For families, a beach home saves them lots of money that would be, otherwise, spent on hotels and resorts. 

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2. High market value 

Owning a beach property is a perfect investment opportunity. They always have a higher market value which only increases with time. If you’re eyeing a long-term investment, buying a coastal home will be a smart money move. 

Later, you can choose to have it as a retirement home or sell it with a profit; Whichever way, you’re guaranteed of favorable ROI.

3. Retirement option 

Retiring to a beachside home is a dream for most people. There is no better way to spend your twilight years than beside a sprawling vast water body. It is the best place to help you maintain your physical and mental health. 

Waterfront homes have a plethora of health benefits which are a plus for people battling old age complications. The exceptional air and vast and serene environment provide ample space for rejuvenation. 

A Coastal Home as a Retirement Option

4. Additional income 

Coastal regions are a bedrock of the tourism industry. You can seize this opportunity and rent your apartment to tourists for more income. You can use the extra funds to furnish your home or other expenses. 

You can also buy for the renting business since there are tourists who opt for fully furnished houses. So, instead of renting your property temporarily, you can buy it purposely for the rental business. It will guarantee you a good return on investment. 

5. Upper-class neighbors

You must have heard the phrase- it is not what you know but who you know. And your network is your net worth. Even though these might not be popular advantages, these homes give you a unique networking opportunity. From which you can build a lasting social circle.  

Coastal homes are usually devoid of typical urban problems. Things like crimes, pollution, and social ills are unheard-of. Who wouldn’t want such a neigh? But then, it comes at a price. You have to quit procrastinating and make the decision to own your home today. 

Villa in Malindi


Yes. Malindi is one of the safest coastal towns in Kenya. It also boasts typical coastal town facilities such as resorts, holiday homes, and beaches. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to invest your money here. Whether to buy a home, a plot, or agricultural land, Malindi is one of the best destinations. 

Farming in Malindi is such a profitable venture. The area has all three types of soil that support a wide variety of crops. 

The perception that there is cheap land in Malindi is not true. Most of the plots that are considered to be cheap are in the interior parts of Malindi. And that’s why their prices might be slightly lower compared to those closer to the CBD.  

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Take away 

There is no doubt beachfront homes are premium properties. If you have been wondering why you should part with your hard-earned cash, I guess you have the reason. Feel free to contact us today and begin your journey to owning a beach apartment, villa, or plot.  


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